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  • Shenhua Baorixile Energy Company Plants Seedlings with Herders as an Effort of Targeted Poverty Alleviation

    Author:    Source: Communication Company   Time: 2020-05-20   Font:銆?a href="javascript:;" class="dada">L M S銆?/span>

    On May 12, nearly 20 volunteers from Shenhua Baorixile Energy Co., Ltd. under China Energy joined local herders to plant seedlings of Cerasus humilis at a demonstration base in Wuburinuoergacha Village of Huhenuori Town, Chenbaerhu Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The effort was aimed at addressing the desertification problem and promoting local industrial and economic development.

    Volunteers plant seedlings of Cerasus humilis

    The Cerasus humilis planting demonstration base in Wuburinuoergacha Village of Huhenuori Town, Chenbaerhu Banner, with a total investment of 400,000 yuan, is one of the 11 targeted poverty alleviation projects of Shenhua Baorixile Energy Co., Ltd. scheduled for 2020. Since the project was launched this April, on an 80-mu (5.3-hectare) collective pasture of local herders, the company has planted 20,000 seedlings of Cerasus humilis, built 1,700 meters of net fence, constructed two pump wells, and purchased a set of irrigation equipment. After completion and put into operation, the demonstration base is expected to produce about 96 tons of fruit each year.

    Cerasus humilis is an economic shrub that has seen fast development in north China in recent years. With a well-developed root system, good drought resistance, and high adaptability and resilience, the species is conducive to economic development as well as wind prevention and sand fixation. By constructing the demonstration base, the company aims to forge a new pillar industry for the town to help develop local economy and increase jobs and income for local registered impoverished households, so that the poor population can shake off poverty through industrial development.

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