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  • Daduhe New Energy Investment Company Helps Poverty Reduction through Clean Energy Solutions

    Author:    Source: Communication Company   Time: 2020-05-20   Font:銆?a href="javascript:;" class="dada">L M S銆?/span>

    Recently, Daduhe New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. established four renewable energy task forces in four cities of Sichuan Province, namely Puge, Xichang, Panzhihua and Seda, where it launched the strategy of 鈥渄elivering clean energy to thousands of households,鈥?accelerating the development of wind and solar power to drive poverty alleviation through industrial development.

    Seizing the window of opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of the energy industry and the acceleration of new energy development, the company strengthens communication and coordination with government departments and works to create a 鈥渟olar PV + targeted poverty alleviation鈥?model by combining wind with solar energy, centralized with decentralized methods, and independent development with high-quality project acquisition. Its 鈥渄elivering clean energy to thousands of households鈥?strategy targeting poverty-stricken areas is aimed to expand solar power and wind power generation, create modern 鈥渟mart agriculture,鈥?promote targeted poverty alleviation and build a benchmark for the development of complementary renewable energy resources including wind, solar and hydropower.

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